balancing different types of work

The girls (Jay’s summer technicians) came out with me this morning to help set up my relatedness study plots. It is great to have the help! We got 4 out of my 5 plots set up! One more bock to set up tomorrow.  I spent the rest of the day trying to get my schedule for the next few weeks nailed down and catching up on emails. I also spent a while working on my CV. It has been a while (since I applied for graduate school) since I updated it, so it needs quite a bit of updating. I first I found it challenging because I’m never sure exactly what to include or how to organize it.  However, I resorted to the tried and true strategy that I almost always use in situations like this; I looked up lots of other people’s CVs and emulated them.  I gathered a handful of CV from professors and graduate student’s in my program and decided what I liked/didn’t like about each and made my own template for my CV. From there it was a lot easier and even fun to update it. It actually reminded me of all the cool stuff I’ve done!

I also worked on IGERT stuff this afternoon and then skyped in with my group (minus Carmen).  We all gave an update of what we have done. I must admit that I really haven’t put as much work into the IGERT project as I would like lately.  In my defense I’ve been super busy setting up field projects and getting things going at BML. However, I also do find it hard transitioning back and forth between field work mode and sit in front of the computer and focus mode.  It is a different frame of mind and usually when I have field work in the morning I’m pretty tired by the afternoon/evening and find it hard to focus.  I also feel like I need larger chunks of time to devote to working on things like IGERT work, or contacting people about internships/ updating my CV. I’m not sure what to do about the transitioning problem, but at least I think I will have a couple days without much field work coming up.


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