Publications and CV


Abbott, J.M., and J.J. Stachowicz. 2016. The relative importance of functional vs. genetic differentiation for the outcome of interactions among plant genotypes. Ecology 97: 84-94

Reynolds, L.K., K. DuBois, J.M. Abbott, S.L. Williams, and J.J. Stachowicz. 2016. Response of a habitat-forming marine plant to a simulated warming event is delayed, genotype specific, and varies with phenology. PLoS ONE 11(6): e0154532.

Christine, S., J.M. Abbott, R. Ambo-Rappe, N. Asriani, S.O. Hameed, B.M. Jellison, H.A. Lestari, S.R. Limbong, G. Ng, E.V. Satterthwaite, S. Syahid, D. Trockel, W. Umar, S.L. Williams. Training globally competent conservation scientists through STEM outreach. In prep for Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

Niles, M.T., J.M. Abbott, J. Balachowski, S. Chen, and C.J. Cortez. A Framework to Assess Behavior on Emerging Environmental and Human Health Issues: A Case Study of Fragranced Personal Care Products. In Review at PLoS One.

Williams, S.L., J.M. Abbott, H. Grace, and R. Ambo-Rappe. 2014. Juvinile batfish hidden in seagrass. Coral Reefs 33(4): 909

Williams, S.L., N. Janetski, J.M. Abbott, S. Blankenhorn, B. Cheng, R.E. Crafton, S.O. Hameed, S. Rapi, and D. Trockel. 2014. Ornamental marine species culture in the coral triangle: seahorse demonstration project in the Spermonde Islands, Sulawesi, Indonesia. Environmental Management 54 (6): 1342-1355.

Tomas, F., J.M. Abbott, C. Steinberg, M. Balk, S.L. Williams, and J.J. Stachowicz. 2011. Plant genotype and nitrogen loading influence seagrass productivity, biochemistry, and plantherbivore interactions. Ecology 92(9): 1807-1817.

For more information about my background and achievements please see my CV.


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